Don't waste time in offices

Office over the phone is a department of Nobel allowing our Customers to cooperate easily with selected branches of district courts and public offices, without the need to leave the office. We also assist in obtaining documents like: temporary residence certificates, business or tourist visas, and services for shareholder meetings.

The modus operandi is simple. All it takes to order a 'specific service' via the phone or e-mail, and afterwards all that will need to be done is sign the documents or forms prepared by our Adviser. Within one day of the order, our Advisers will draw up and submit the required forms and documentation in order to:

  • obtain tax and payment clearances from the tax authority, Social Insurance Institution or any regional office
  • arrange copies and sketches from the land registry
  • arrange work permits for foreigners
  • arrangement of apostille certifications from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • register a car or another vehicle
  • submit a financial statement
  • others, as per the order