Within one day our consultants will prepare the necessary documentation for the purpose of registering changes with the economic court (KRS) or the land and mortgage register

We provide services related to consultation during the design of changes to company contracts, preparation of required protocols and decisions by the partners or the board of directors, and we assist in introducing those at the Business Registry (KRS).

Our consultants have years of experience related to entries to the National Court Register, the National Economic Register, the Tax Authorities, the National Social Insurance Institution, as well as land and mortgage registers. The tasks bestowed upon us most often is registration related to:

  • Changes in the company address or name
  • Changes of partners or an increase of capital
  • Changes of members of the board or the methods of representation
  • Changes to the scope of activities (per the PKD - Polish Classification of Activity) or the company contract
  • The creation of a land register and mortgage entry
  • The submission of a financial report.
Based on an order by the Customer, our Adviser will prepare the forms and all other required documents, contracts or decisions required to register changes with the National Court Register (KRS) or Land and Mortgage Register (KW). Then, when they are printed out and signed by the Orderer, they are taken to the appropriate court. At this point the phase of monitoring of the registration of the motion begins. Upon completion, an appropriate decision with a current certified copy is delivered to you